Sunday, February 17, 2013

Moving Forward Prevents Sliding Backward

     Okay, it's been a little longer than I had hoped in getting another post out. I know Meg was going to put one together, but as life does, it got busy and she did not post. Clearly.

     But that isn't the point, the point is that we are still here and still plotting to take over the world. Figuratively, of course. I'm not sure what I would do with the world if I had it anyway. I'll leave that to the Super Villains and story plots to try and figure out what they would do with it. No, my meaning was we'd love to take the world through our own style of games that would entertain and engage everyone that we can. Yep, that would be pretty sweet. So where are our games filled to the brim with creativity and unique style? We're still working on them at the moment... :(

     While I am on let me post a bit about our new project. The previous project has been temporarily set back and we hope to resurrect it when we have the adequate resources available to make it as awesome as you, our fans, have asked for it to be. We appreciate the feedback and look forward to providing you with a great gaming experience.

     I am currently working on our working title: Connected. Of course that name is subject to change and probably will as development continues and draws closer to an end, but the working title name is suggestive of the gameplay involved in the game.
     It will be a puzzle-platformer game. Set in a colorful and fun 2D world. The basic run through of the game is a classic rescue-the-princess scenario. The Princess is taken by the Evil Wizard Val, a young villain on the up and coming path to evil wizard greatness. However, despite his many attempts to find love via speed dating, newspaper personals, and Internet dating sites, the Evil Wizard Val decides that he will simply take the girl of his dreams and stop the Hero from rescuing her.
     Poor Val has a ton of Evil Wizard Student Loans though, so he currently lacks the funds to hire a massive horde of minions to stop our Hero. Instead Val relies on his new founded abilities and creates puzzle walls that block the Hero's path from saving his sweety. This of course doesn't deter our Hero; after all he would lose his status as hero if he simply gave up.
     Each wall has multiple images on it that require the Hero to find and select the images that are related to one another or "connected". For example, images may be connected by shape, color, or other factors such as plant, mammal or habitat. Once images that create a path or crack in the wall, the magic holding it together will burst and the Hero will be free to move forward on his quest to rescue the Princess.
     Connecting objects that are not related will result in damage to the Hero. Enough wrong images selected will result in the Hero's defeat.

     We will be using a fun animated sprite style. The game is planned to be built for Windows and will be submitted to Steam for Greenlight approval once we have a working demo established. When that time comes we will of course post that here and beg you all to please, please go onto Steam and vote us in. Though that may be a few months out yet. We hope to complete this project by the end of July or August.

     We'll post images of our project here, on Facebook and on our website as they are available. Let us know what you think of our current project plan, and like always, thanks for reading our posts and keeping in contact with us via our Facebook page.

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