Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Game Crossing Studios!

All of us at Game Crossing Studios hope that this Thanksgiving finds each of you happy, healthy and well. And of course, we want to share our thanks as well. We are thankful to be blessed with the liberties afforded here in the United States. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to work in a profession that we enjoy doing (even if it only ever remains a hobby). We are thankful for family and friends that love and care for us.

We are thankful for each of you who read our posts, visit our website and Facebook page, and encourage us to keep moving forward toward completion of our projects. It's so very much appreciated. We're thankful for the feedback we have received regarding our demo and hope that if you haven't had the chance to try our demo that you'll take opportunity. It's free, pretty short, and will give an idea of what the feel of our first title will be like.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you for visiting

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Delays and Other Fun Stories.

Fall is definitely in the air. Crisp, cold mornings. Scarpping the windshield with a bank card because you forgot to put the window scrapper in the car... Yep, the world is getting ready for its winter sleep.

Too bad people are not as available to take a much needed siesta. While I am grateful to have a day job and thankful that they are giving me boo-ko hours to work, it is challenging to build a game while working near 70 hours a week. Sometimes I am only taking in 4 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.

Add to that, the computer that has everything in terms of production software is starting to report issues with the graphics card. Crazy stuff.

So while our full version game is delayed, please surf over to our Games tab on our site and download the free demo. The button link will redirect you to our demo file on MediaFire.

If you have already downloaded it, please tell us what you think. Too short, boring, installation issues, is it fun to play, etc. We even want to hear if you love it and you want to buy the full version when it becomes available.

With November typically being associated with a month of thanks, Game Crossing Studios would like to say thank you to all of you who visit our sites. Thanks to all those that download and play our demo. Thanks to all our friends (and future friends) on Facebook for all the support, strength and encouragement you give us to work through the hardtimes. Thank you to the 'staff' of GCS, for dedicating and sacrificing their time to bring this dream closser to reality.

We love and appreciate the associations we gain through each of you. And we hope to get to know many more of you as we move forward.
Stay safe. Follow you beliefs.

Live Life & Play Games.