Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meg's back.

Long long time, no see!  I am sorry that I have fallen off of the planet.  I planned to post last week and my children and I ended up getting the chance to go out of town on the fly and visit my husband for the week.  "Was it awesome?" you ask.  Yes!  And freezing cold, don't forget super freezing cold.  But we were together on Valentine's day and that is what matters!  In fact, we took the kids with us to dinner that night.  More because we didn't have any other choice-- cheap motels don't offer child care services.  But I really liked it and I think I will do something special with all of us for Valentine's each year.

My son had his first driving video game experience this weekend.  A friend of ours just opened a gaming center and we went to check it out and while there he offered 30 mins of free gaming.  Picked out Carbon and got started.  The Little Man started to point out the cars and liked to press the accelerator and reverse button at the same time.  He tired of it quickly, but what can you expect, he is just 2 and I think he would tire of brownies quickly.  But it was still fun.  I wonder if he's going to enjoy games when he's older..
I'm excited about the new game, Connected, that Rob announced this morning.  I'm kind of a fan of puzzles!  Not only are they fun, they tend to make me think I'm smart and I feel accomplished knowing that I did something to boost my brain power!  (Pinkie and The Brain theme song just started playing...Pinkie, are you thinking what I'm thinking?  I fink so Bwain.)  Also, I feel that I can easily justify a puzzle game to other mommies. 

Connected is going to be built for Windows, as Rob said, and I am curious what other platforms you use to play games.  Your phone?  Tablet?  Consoles?  Which ones do you use most?  And do you like puzzles like I do? 

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