Saturday, January 7, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

In my previous post, I expressed the frustration of not having done what I had set out to accomplish. At least in the time frame that I had hoped. From that time to this, I have given a lot of thought to whether I would continue the pursuit of Rob - Indie Game Developer, or Rob - potential IT guy for who knows where. I suppose given the right 'somewhere' I could have my cake and eat it too. Which is a solid plan as I am going to need someway to support my family while I chase a dream.

So, one part of my life will now include the pursuit of the shirt and tie person that is me looking for the right job that somewhat resembles my field of study. Meanwhile the more true to thyself T-shirt and jeans me will be working with a homegrown team of dreamers that are willing to work, pretty much for free, with the hopes that we do this project right and hit it out of the park. I heard a saying once, "Plan big. Small plans don't have the power to stir the hearts of men." To that end, my team and I are going to be working on something bigger than I've ever done before. And may well be above our ability to pull it off, but at least it will be 100% ours. And each of them will be able to proudly put their name on it.

For now we are keeping the details close to the vest, so to speak. But I will say that it is planned to be a full 3D game with some awesome detail and story to go with it. No doubt we will post images and details about what we are planning as the development progresses, but for now it's just exciting to have a full team behind me. Maybe that is what was missing in the earlier designs. In either case, come what may, Game Crossing Studios will have plenty more to work on after this project ends.