Sunday, August 5, 2012

Official Title: Absolute Zero: Conspiracy

A few things have changed in development, some for the better, others... well let's just focus on the positive, shall we?

So far we have scaled back from the 3D/third person perspective game that we were intending to go. I would chalk that one up to the amount of time required in asset development and creation versus the skill level of those creating the 3 Dimensional models. Ah...maybe next time. Not holding my breath on the next two titles from us, but definitely in the future.

The premise has remained the same, and the framework is really coming together. Many of the assets are ready and a pre-alpha testing was able to happen in late June. Of course, a lot of content has been added since then, including some feedback regarding instructing players on how to actually play. Plus of course knowing key locations, like where to pick up your weapons... you know sort of key stuff.

This and other elements that needed tweaked, adjusted and otherwise scrapped and rebuilt may have pushed it back a bit. But I am confident that it won't deter from a 4th Quarter release...

As for where you can pick up your brand-spankin-new copy of our game, well, we're hoping to distribute largely through but might also try to sell directly from this blog via a PayPal system. I don't know what Steam will suggest for pricing, I would think less than $10 per download as it is a small retro-style independent made game. Heck, a $5-6 download would be awesome in my mind.

As we do draw closer to the end of this title, be sure to tell your friends about us. The Blog, the Steam store, the game in and of itself. We of course will be doing the same, including posting on Facebook and Twitter. Also be watching for future video releases on YouTube as well as the Social Media sites.

With the coming release we'll be releasing more details about the future titles. We are planning a game or two for mobile platforming, another PC title and hopefully in the not too distant future we'll be better able to realistically consider the possibility of porting to the console indie market.

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