Sunday, August 19, 2012

It all starts with a seed...

          I'm sure that this is a small matter for most people that may read this, but I'm honored that this blog had 17 new views in the last couple weeks. Okay, I know it's kind of like the geek that gets all super excited when he gets his first friend on Facebook, but its sort of humbling and intimidating at the same time that what I type here is actually being seen by someone, anyone, and not just filling some digital landfill in the virtual cyber-space. So I want to say, Thank you.

          I imagine that anyone that has hit our site or read through any of my random-rambling blogs can see what we are hoping and trying to do is the result of a dream and desire. That something small, such as a thought or impression, can grow into something tangible. (Or in our case, downloadable). And while it is yet a bit away for release, it's more real than it has ever been in the past. That sense of anticipated completion and the excitement push us on to making it happen. It's like the dream has moved from that of a deep sleep to that place just between wakefulness and sleep. Right on the edge of reality.

          The journey has been longer than hoped for and to be honest longer than it had to be. But if the thought is a seed, then the actions we take upon that thought becomes the act of nurturing and nourishing the seed. In our case I believe that it must been some extremely slow  growing seed, but that may be dependant on the amount and quality of nourishment I was providing. The trick to gardening (or growing a dream, if you're still following my analogy) is to continue to nourish even after it has grown.
          A tree doesn't simply need cared for while it is a seed/sprout/sapling. Rather it requires that continuing care be given in order to produce the highest quality. So for Game Crossing Studios, I believe that means two things:

                1)We must continue to make games. Even after this one is done, put the time into the next one as though it is the first, but utilizing the experience and knowledge gained through the first.

                2)We have to give back. Putting time and effort into these games is satisfying and my kids love to play them even before they're complete, but ultimately the way this dream grows is the care and support we receive outside our own efforts. So while you are supporting us we want to be able to help others obtain their dreams.

          To that end, I invite you to Like us on Facebook ( and message or comment to us about what dreams you have. We have set a goal, a rather lofty goal for a small indie gamer like us, but a goal of 75,000 downloads of our first title. When we reach that goal we would like to share the success with our friends and fans as much as possible in helping you attain your dreams.

          Dreams don't have to stay dreams forever. Thanks again for all the support, I look forward to hearing your dreams and hope to be able to help you reach them as you have helped me reach mine.

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