Monday, February 6, 2012

Project Year One

Our team has been working on this game project for just over a month now, and it is really becoming more defined. The story arc is spanning beyond the scope of this initial game which is exciting from my perspective because it means a potential sequel in the works. Concept art is beginning to take shape and 3D models will soon be created and the level design implemented.

The game is targeted at home computers via steamwork's online network as the distribution method. There is definitely a learning curve, not just with all the new ideas and plans, but in adding features that players seem to really enjoy such as achievements and online leaderboards. Luckily the distributor deals with the maintenance of that, but we need to make sure that the players have plenty of options to make the achievements more than just time trials and other typical game fluff.

Development has been somewhat slow as all my team members, including myself, have day jobs & life responsibilities that prevent us from doing as much as we'd like on this project for any substantial amount of time. I suppose the old adage of slow and steady wins the race might be applicable to our development method. Hopefully with that time and diligent effort a high quality will also come with it. The goal of course being that by the time the sequel comes into development, more time might be available to focus on it. Even though there is value in taking plenty of time I would much prefer that the development run more quickly and smoothly.

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