Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Delays and Other Fun Stories.

Fall is definitely in the air. Crisp, cold mornings. Scarpping the windshield with a bank card because you forgot to put the window scrapper in the car... Yep, the world is getting ready for its winter sleep.

Too bad people are not as available to take a much needed siesta. While I am grateful to have a day job and thankful that they are giving me boo-ko hours to work, it is challenging to build a game while working near 70 hours a week. Sometimes I am only taking in 4 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.

Add to that, the computer that has everything in terms of production software is starting to report issues with the graphics card. Crazy stuff.

So while our full version game is delayed, please surf over to our Games tab on our site and download the free demo. The button link will redirect you to our demo file on MediaFire.

If you have already downloaded it, please tell us what you think. Too short, boring, installation issues, is it fun to play, etc. We even want to hear if you love it and you want to buy the full version when it becomes available.

With November typically being associated with a month of thanks, Game Crossing Studios would like to say thank you to all of you who visit our sites. Thanks to all those that download and play our demo. Thanks to all our friends (and future friends) on Facebook for all the support, strength and encouragement you give us to work through the hardtimes. Thank you to the 'staff' of GCS, for dedicating and sacrificing their time to bring this dream closser to reality.

We love and appreciate the associations we gain through each of you. And we hope to get to know many more of you as we move forward.
Stay safe. Follow you beliefs.

Live Life & Play Games.


  1. I came... I saw... I conquered. lol almost put that as concurred. This all boils down to the fact that I downloaded and tested the demo. I have a few notes.

    In the beginning I felt a little confused about the key-commands. I wasn't sure what exactly did what, which I obviously overcame quickly enough. But maybe certain commands could be made a little more clear.

    I would probably go into, at least a little how money, experience and the like are accumulated, used, and whatnot.

    As far as tutorials are concerned I have found that I retain more the instruction given, and enjoy it more as a gamer when the tutorial is done in a more interactive manner. i.e: You press shift while moving to dash, dash to the other side of the room or something like that.

    And I had a few things concerning the combat sections.
    Firstly is that I either wasn't correct in assuming that the bars above the enemy characters were their health bars, OR they weren't dying when their health bars were depleted (assuming those were health bars). If they weren't I would go into what exactly they were.
    Second as far as the 'Jump Attack' is concerned I would change the animation slightly. When I was doing that particular move it looked as though I jumped up and kicked my opponent back into my original position.
    It looks now as though you go from figure 1 to 2

    Figure 1 (e= elites, x= opponent)
    x e

    Figure 2
    e e

    Where if you were to add a pause then a hop it would be more clear who is where. That meaning... If the elite jumped off the top of the screen as he does in the beginning, and came smashing down on the opponent, paused there and then hopped back to his original position without leaving the confines of the screen it would show what was intended I feel.

    The last thing I have was that it was a little unclear to me how long the 'sleep' and 'poison' abilities were to take affect. There were some instances where sleep put them to sleep for the duration of the next attack, while at other times they were asleep for the next six. (guessing on actual number of attacks) As well the poison sometimes would put the person to sleep... unless I am misunderstanding that they were already asleep from 'sleep'. I haven't had a lot of experience with this game style (i.e. the older zelda's) all that.

    So those are my points that I feel, as a gamer with little experience with that style of game, could be improved upon. I really liked the art work, music, story line, and dialog.

    1. That messed up my figures....

      Figure 1

      Figure 2