Wednesday, October 17, 2012

RPG Maker Makes it Easy to Game

     Making games can be a challenge. But it doesn't have to be. The engine that we are using to make Absolute Zero: Conspiracy is a newer version of the RPG Maker series. I had used the XP version while attending DeVry University Online to create a simple, single level game in less than eight weeks. It satisfied the requirements of the course, was quick and intuitive to use and has been the basis for a couple personal projects since graduating.

     I'm currently using the RPG Maker VX version to build our still-in-progress title. It has more features and has a little different art style than the XP version. Almost more of a classic RPG style that seems to really work well with my own style. I think that one of the best features of using the RPG Maker series is the easy drag and drop style to building your game world. The engine has enough already built into it that even if you don't add any additional scripts it can provide a strong basis and framework to build your story on.

     It also comes loaded with sound effects, art assets, music, tilemaps and all the elements to build a game. Where you go from there is up to you as the creator. There is a great community that provides free and low cost resources including scripts to give your game a more personal flavor, art assets to expand characters as well as environments, and music that can be purchased for in-game use that totally changes the tone and atmosphere of the game. It's also possible to add your own scripts and assets to make the players experience 100% from you.

     Personally, what makes RPG Maker the choice for me at this point is the amount of time that I have available to devote to building a game. Becoming an Indie Game Maker is great, but it doesn't always pay the bills, so I work full-time plus to take care of the essentials of life. As grateful as I am to have a reliable job that takes care of my family, development time in recent weeks has seriously suffered. Luckily, RPG Maker doesn't require hours of coding to create a single scene. And with the use of others talents, I am able to focus on the creation and story process more than the actual production of a single sprite or face set.

     Another awesome feature is that it supports a PC gamepad. So if you're not a fan of the keyboard/mouse gaming action you can customize your gamepad to play your own game.
The male protagonist in our game.
     Bottom-line, if you love games and have always wanted to tell your own stories in game mode, but don't feel confident in coding millions of lines of code, or are restrained from near limitless time to create your game from scratch, check out the RPG Maker series. They offer trial downloads to test their system and play in whatever world you care to create.

     Seriously, what are you waiting for, click the link and Make Your Own Game!

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