Friday, November 4, 2011

The Dark Days of Gaming

My final course in college was both the creation and completion of an entire game level from scratch and a prep work for developing a resume and getting ready to make the plunge into the industry job hunt. As students we had planned and prepared for this transition with dreams of making a difference or at least being a cog in a much grander machine that churned out massive triple-A title games that raked in multi-millions. Most were anxious to pursue their careers, some intended to simply further there current job opportunities. Being an odd kid from the start, I announced then that I had intended to start my own business and make my games, not the games that others told me to make. I remember one student chastened the thought as being the simple way out. Neither forging ahead in a path already begun, nor jumping in with two feet into the employment hunt. It was suggested that it was the easy path.

In all the days, from that one to this, that rebuke still haunts me. I have not done what I had set out to do. I've developed plans on more than a dozen concepts, most of which are intended to be simple in design to be achievable. But I have not filed my paperwork to be a legally registered business. I have not completed a single project in that time. Discouragement and doubt leave me wondering if I made the wrong choice to stick it out in the Indie Game Development arena, least of all in an area where I have not heard of many Indie Developers residing as a support system.

Life is all about choices. Do I continue with a dream or set the dream aside and focus on the perceptions of reality around me? Ultimately the choices we make are our own and no one can give the perfect answer for everyone every time. The wake-up call has been given, now I have to decide what I will do with it.

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