Monday, April 4, 2011

The Proof is in the Pudding

   Okay, so the title doesn't exactly ooze with gamer coolness... in fact, it sounds like a better title for Sugar and Spice a great recipe blog. But given that I haven't posted anything new in oh, over a month now. I figured I should show people what has been going on at Game Crossing Studios.

   Besides the initial and "formal" procedures of actually moving toward a "legal" business entity, we've been planning and working on a new game platform. It has a bit of a learning curve, as mobile games isn't at all what I had gone to school with a focus in. I love the idea of having the desktop and server quantities of mass storage. Both capable of holding huge amounts of information and in a manner that would allow for highly detailed graphics. Not that I am currently developing at that level, but I like the freedom that comes with it. Meanwhile as smart phones and mobile devices become, well smarter, and storage mass is continuing to shrink to ever smaller footprints, the reality and viability of games and applications that are available and needed in a mobile market increases.

   Game Crossing Studio had announced that we would be working on a project that utilizes the Windows Phone 7 and may cross develop for XBOX360 and Windows desktop and that is still the plan. In fact the following picture is the beginnings of what we are working with on the Windows Phone 7.
   As a side note, having been ribbed a bit by Mac users to work on a development for the iPhone/iPad, I would like to point out that the development tools to work on this platform are available for FREE! I suppose the response may be that development on the i-Platforms is too, assuming that you are using a Mac to write the code from. Thus, I work with what I have and am content to grow at a level that allows me to work at the pace life demands.

   I realize that the photo isn't much to go on. It is pretty basic, but it does constitute quite a bit of energy in developing resources, studying the nuances of C# instead of the C++ I studied in school, and the fact that I haven't been able to devote as much time as I'd like to this. However, it is underway and we will be providing updates as the process continues. If you know anyone with a Windows Phone 7 encourage them to let you play our game when it comes out! And if you don't have a Windows Phone 7, (Microsoft would love for me to say go get one... but) we may be adapting this game for PC or possibly another mobile device as a future release. Be patient.

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