Thursday, February 10, 2011

Game Crossing Studios' First Game

   When people find out that I'm going the Independent Gamer route I've had a few questions about what I'm working on and what sorts of games that I want to make. The first part of that is easier because it is in the forefront of my mind and pretty well occupies that space when I think about development. But in short answer to the second part I'd say that the sort of games that I want to make is the sort of games that are fun and easy to settle into and play. Games that don't require a huge manual to explain what does what and how.

   For the time being though, I thought I might leak out some of what the current project is about. The working title is Blackthorne Mystery, and it follows the player as they find themselves in a serial killer mystery. Our bad guy selects their victim, stalks them, and kills them on the same day each year. Much of the suspicions in the game town is directed toward the Blackthorne family, who had been the founders of the town. As the recent occupant of the family estate, you have now to solve the puzzles surrounding the abduction and murder of nine individuals. Before its too late for the tenth victim.

   Some townsfolk will prove helpful while others may try to extort and mislead you. The goal of the game is to decipher the clues and lead the authorities to the killer. The game play is pretty basic, top down view with arrow keys for movement, space or enter for selection or interaction and the 'Esc' key to interact with the menu system. Pretty basic, by design.

   We'd love to send out a FREE demo game to anyone interested. The demo is scheduled to be available next Friday (February 18, 2011). All you need to do to get a link to the demo is find us on Facebook and click our Like button. Then next Friday, all those in the company's Like page will get a message with a link to download the demo game.

   Comments are always appreciated and will be answered as quickly as they can.

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